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Cindy Ramsey
4:20 pm

Mind, Body and Soul

Let's face it. Sometimes things get the best of you. Illness, stress, major life changes, mood shifts or just the plain old "what am I doing with my life?" Even if everything seems balanced in your life but you still could use a boost or clarity, here are some of my favorite things that get me back on track. Most of these things are just a permanent part of my life now to keep me in a healthy flow with my mind, body and soul.

Finding that quiet space for clarity and resetting can be very hard to find. I've found these things to be of huge help:

  • Sweating it out in an urban sweat lodge called Shape House. While in an infrared cocoon, I find myself being able to drift into a complete meditative state and total relaxation. I felt amazing after. It burns calories, boosts your metabolism, increases circulation and is terrific for the skin head to toe.  www.shapehouse.com.
  • Floating in a sound and light deprivation tank. This takes getting used to but it's incredible once you do! You enter a tank that has a shallow salt water bath of a perfect 95.9 degrees. Its an ideal environment free from light, noise and touch. Floating allows your brain to engage in healing. Look up Float Lab or Float Lounge.
  • Mediation is really the key and basis for true transformation. If you are new to it you will have to try several ways before one speaks to you. I find isolating myself completely as above sends me straight in to the gap of stillness. But my favorite and most intense is active meditation. I can go super deep when I'm pushing myself to the limit in a spin class believe it or not, or on a really challenging hike.
  • Exercise is one of the key elements to longevity and consistent health. If you don't move your body you are stagnant. Period. Too much of one kind of work out can also be non-beneficial. If you are a heavy lifter and cross fit type, make sure you incorporate yoga, pilates or stretching. Cardio is also key, so spin or do interval sprints running 30-40 seconds then walking for at least 30 minutes. Lifting and high intensity interval training are so important but find a balance with it all.
  • Proper diet and what you put into your body is your foundation. I have converted to two things that I believe will keep me in health harmony for the rest of my life. Eat right for your blood type has been my focal point and guide for months now and has changed everything for me. I highly recommend it. Ayurvedic medicine, herbs and spices have taken my new eating regimen to a whole new level.
  • Vitamin IV or injections bring me back to life if I've been ill or gotten too dehydrated. Try Rehab Wellness.  www.rehabwellnessla.com. They even do house calls.

  • Good company. Turn off all your electronics and social media and spend time having great conversation with loved ones, good friends, your dog, a group of like-minded people or get some alone time. Turn off the static and recharge your soul. The best soul food is absolutely free.
  • Spiritual healing. Work with a healer, a shaman, an energy worker or read a good book on the subject. But connect with something that speaks to your soul. Try subscribing to Gaiam TV. It's chocked full of documentaries and fascinating information to expand your mind and aid in your spiritual growth.
  • Commune with nature. Get outside. Soak up the energy you find at the beach or in a forest of trees. Take off your shoes and put your feet on the earth. Breathe deep into your belly. Put positive affirmations out and ask questions. But most importantly do not express lack. Don't wish, want or need. Start every affirmation with I AM and really feel what it's like to be or have or experience that which you would like to attract into your life.
Please email me at cindy@facetimewithcindy.com if you would like referral sources for any of the above.

Cindy Ramsey
2:30 pm

The Eyes Have It!!

Let's face it. Dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes drives us all crazy. What's even more maddening is all the eye creams that claim they get rid of these things that can cost well over $100. The truth of the matter is nothing topical can erase dark circles. Period. Puffiness may be alleviated by some topicals, but I wouldn't spend big money when you can do it for free. And fine lines and wrinkles can be addressed with your hydrating face cream or other inexpensive options I will point out.

The eye area is probably the number one thing asked about at my skin care practice so I developed a treatment for it using gentle stimulation technology and simple products. Yes, you can come in and get my pro treatment, but there are also things you can do at home in a pinch to save time and money.

I picked up a product industry secret when working with a chemist years ago that was ready to retire and had worked for a multitude of manufacturers over a span of 35 years. Don't tell anyone, but eye creams at the base are the same as your face creams with less water to make them thicker so they can put them in a .5oz tube to be sold to you at 5x the cost. Oh, they will have some actives splashed on the label so they can make the claim of erasing things, but all they do is over promise and under deliver. They really do no more that what you already have in your medicine cabinet.

The fallacies of the product industry are far and wide in order to keep the multi billion dollar industry strong for just eye creams alone. Why sell anyone one product when you can sell them multiple at high dollar based on false promises? And BTW, most expensive manufactures come out of the same production plant as the stuff you get in the drug store with a lot of the same subpar ingredients. They are placed in a fancier jar with tons of marketing and a movie star selling them to you. That's what you are paying for. Word of advice if you really want to improve your skin: Don't fall pray to high end department store sales girls working on commission. Listen to a skin professional that bases their product resourcing on small manufactures using premium actives that only sell to professionals. Mass marketed, mass distributed and mass manufactured products are a waste of your money and loaded with bad ingredients.

This is the advice I give to all my clients asking what they can do at home.


If dark circles are your problem please know that there are many reasons why you have them. Hereditary, diet, lifestyle, stress, stagnant circulation, bad sinuses, too much caffeine, smoking, etc. I have found that consistent stimulation is really the only relief.

Do not use cold packs for dark circles. This only thickens and stagnates the blood and lymph already stuck in this area. Use a warm compress for a minute or two to thin the fluids around the eye.

Use a gel or cream so you don't pull the skin and with a light touch, massage from inner eye to temple, down in front of the ear and continue down side of neck. This is your lymphatic drainage route. Done daily you will increase the metabolism and circulation in the area to move our the stagnant blood that's literally sitting under your eye like a bruise. If you have puffiness as well you can then follow with a cool compress.

THE SPOON TRICK! Soak 2 tea spoons in a warm glass of water to massage with the back of the spoon the same as above. Use just the weight of the spoon as pressure guide. Warm the spoon for every swipe and repeat 5-10 times.


If you've had a good long cry I'm afraid only time will be your friend. Cool compresses or soaked chamomile tea bags and staying upright will help, but puffiness caused by tears is a tough one. However, if you are just trying to alleviate puffiness before a big event or getting up puffy in the morning, it's the same as above just using cool compresses and/or cold spoons dipped in ice water. If you have both dark circles and puffiness always warm treatment first, cool after.


Dehydration of the delicate skin around the eyes can cause or worsen the appearance of lines for sure. Avoid fad eye creams loaded with caffeine. Caffeine dehydrates the area pulling the skin to convince you it gives immediate results but over time is horrible for the skin around your eyes.

If you are using a great anti aging face cream or peptide serum that's hopefully free of acids, go ahead and use around your eyes. Hydrating the eye area is your best defense against rapid signs of aging. I have several professional products I can advise on that I trust. That will be another blog, but my favorite very inexpensive trick is pure vegetable glycerine. Pure Vegetable Glycerine you can find at Whole Foods and is an outstanding moisturizer and humectant that also provides softening and hydrating benefits. The tiniest dab will do and is best to wear while sleeping. It's also amazing slip for massage and spoon tricks above.

If you need a huge power boost to treat your eyes, please come in to try my "The Eyes Have It" facial. Nothing beats the technology I have incorporated over the years to improve this area.

Cindy Ramsey
10:10 pm

Up Your Water Game

Let's face it. The struggle is real when it comes water. How much should we attempt to consume each day? What kind of water is best to drink anymore? And how much are we actually absorbing into our cells? As a skin care professional I can tell you water is key to keeping your skin's health and appearance in order. It obviously holds all kinds of other internal health benefits too numerous to detail, but if you are not absorbing water or drinking water that is subpar and stripped of all it's minerals, you are just taking a lot of trips to the bathroom since it's reaching the toilet more proficiently than penetrating your cells.

Most bottled water is crap. Reverse osmosis and distilling strips the water of the minerals needs for maximum absorption into the body, and let's not even talk about the chemicals you leach from the plastic bottle. Tap water is like drinking from a chlorinated pool. Home filtered water such as Brita systems pass the water through too quickly to do much good and only really cut down on the chlorine and not the other crazy things in municipal water systems. Alkaline water ionizers, well, my personal opinion you ask? They are an expensive fad that may or may not work and I truly believe keeping the body in too much of an alkaline state neutralizes the good acids in your gut to properly digest your food.

I could probably write a book on what I've learned on the subject, so I'm going to do my best to narrow things down to some helpful guidelines.

1. Run don't walk to get a filter on your shower head. Amazon has many. They may not block everything, but they will cut down on the chlorine you absorb and shower your body, face and hair with...if you have hair that is. This is especially mandatory for people that have dandruff, eczema, acne, sensitive skin or any other topical skin disorder.

2. If you are renting or can't afford the big installed household water filter or purification system, get a slow drip counter top filter. I found Berkey is a great brand. I fill it every night and it takes about 2 1/2 hours to filter through a pretty serious filter weeding out chlorine, fluoride and arsenic to name a few. This completely eliminated my need to buy plastic bottles due to having a great stainless steel reusable one. When I work out I remineralize the water with a dash of Himalayan pink salt. This also helps the body absorb better. There are also a variety of stir wands that are available on line for remineralization.

3. If you do buy bottle water, buy the one with electrolytes and minerals added.

4. A good practice and habit to get into is drinking 12 ounces to a liter of water upon waking on an empty stomach to flush the gut. I follow that with a big cup of warm water and lemon juice which has multiple benefits. Increases absorption, cleans out digestive tract, boosts immunity and does wonders for the skin. You also get a big kick of potassium, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants and vita B and C!

5. A good rule of thumb is to try to consume half your weight in ounces of water per day. 150 pounds = 75 ounces. And always try to follow your dehydrating caffeinated beverages with a glass of water.

6. Last but not least is a great tip about CHIA SEEDS. For those of you who might enjoy drinking these little gelatinous power seeds, this is the tip of the day!

  • They hold 10-12 times their weight in water and can help you absorb water into your system up to 60% better if you drink them in your water increasing your hydration game. Get crazy and add lemon with about 1 tablespoon of chia seeds per liter.
  • They are a superfood super high in Omega-3s, fiber, antioxidants, protein, minerals including iron, copper, magnesium, calcium and zinc.
  • They aid in digestion and fight free radicals and oxidation in the body providing amazing support to your entire body and skin. They have also proven to lower cholesterol and help with brain function among many other benefits.
  • There really is no down side to these mighty seeds that do so much more than grow funny hair on ceramic heads. Oh yeah, they do get caught in your teeth. You've been warned.

Cindy Ramsey
9:34 pm

Coming Soon! Facts and truth about skin care and the product industry.